Trained Apple Support

We can tailor your support needs to fit your budget. You may require regular on-site support or you may prefer on an ad-hoc basis. Our trained engineers can also resolve issues remotely this allows a fast response with very little downtime. Remote IT support allows us to monitor and better manage your network, resolving issues before they become a major problem.

Computer Repairs

If you have a problem with your Apple computer you can drop it into our repair centre. Our trained engineers will assess the problem and inform you of the costs, usually within a few hours, the repair may take longer if parts are required.
If you cant get to the repair centre we can send an engineer on-site who will endeavour to resolve the issue on-site. If the issue cannot be resolved then the equipment can go to the repair centre for a more detailed analysis.

Data Recovery

Today we are storing more information than ever before. Storage device are increasing in size so we keep more and more data. A lot of the information stored is very important whether it be company accounts or personal photos, if this information is lost it could be devastating.
We have a very high data recovery success rates with excellent fast turn around times. If the problem is more serious we have various mechanisms in place to get the data retrieved via third party providers.
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